Facebook Applications

Development of Facebook games, raffles, initiatives

The shortest way to the heart of the Facebook enthusiasts is through the Facebook applications


Enjoy a real experience with Your real page fans.

Social Media Presence

Build an engaging presence on Social Media.

Data collection

Audience data that can be used for analysis and subsequent campaigns.

Because of its widespread usage Facebook might become the perfect means to connect with online users and make them paying attention to your products and/or services directly and indirectly. Moreover, if successfully implanted strategy, the users will find your apps quite amusing and useful and if keep their interest vivid they will return and share with their online friends.


Facebook games

The most pleasant way to make some new online friends is having them play. If there is a prize the success will be several times greater. There are number of options:

    • questions and answers games
    • tests
    • raffles
    • competitions
    • photo competitions
    • arcade games
    • strategic games
    • logic games


  • as well as any other ideas. It is quite appropriate to use branding in these games by involving corporate logos and colours.


Facebook polls

The Facebook applications are very convenient for gathering customer feedback about your products or services for example. Thus you may also receive public opinion on any other issue aside from your specific brand.

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