Logo design

Company logo design and corporate image and identity

Unique logo for marketing purposes

Individual and creative approach

Creative performance and only unique designs for you.


We draw several visually and conceptually different options for each logo.

More Sevices

Complete website design and building.

Logo design is a key point in the development of your future vision and is a fundamental element in the overall corporate identity and vision. It will be presented on your website, official documents, business cards, brochures, etc. It must be clearly identifiable and easy-to-remember by your customers. The logo creates an association with your company and its activities. For this purposes, it is required to be unique and distinguishable from any other logo and particularly from your direct competitors.


Your website needs

More often the logo design causes website design or redesign from scratch. When the logo colours and patterns are once selected they, or their modified and adapted elements, are used for the website as well to achieve more homogeneous appearance.


Corporate advertising materials

We are aware that a well designed logo should look impressive in colour - and in monochrome – put on your corporate stamp for example. Logos we design are used for any printed or electronic media because of their vector file format that allows for unlimited scaling.


How things happen?

    • 1

      We get acquainted with your activity and identity. We take into account your personal preferences and ideas that help us to think in the right direction.

    • 2

      We use your colours and graphic elements if you have such or use our imagination to create them for you.

    • 3

      We offer several various designs for corporate logo. You choose the one that is closest to your taste and purposes.

    • 4

      If necessary we make a few adjustments to the approved version concentrating on the details.

    • 5

      We complete the logo design. Now you have a corporate logo as a work file. If you decide to order a web development as well you will receive 20 percent discount.

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