Mobile Applications

Development of Android and iOS apps for smartphones and tablets

As for Windows Phone, Blackberry and many others

Android Apps

Programs for the most used mobile operating system.

iPhone and iPad Apps

Applications for all iOS tablets and smartphones.

Software Management

Server software to serve the purposes of the application.

The era of mobile devices occur very rapidly and in a few years we are all cluttered with gadgets whose screens and processors are times better than some desktop computers. The phone is not just a headset any longer but a portable computer by which we can read emails, see the weather, to billing, to play a quick game anytime from anywhere and countless other activities that were not possible with the ordinary phones. Tablets give us more breadth and convenience. Soon probably many more people we will meet on the street will carry smart glasses.

The presence of these devices today is so great that the consumers now use more than one device per person. This is a growing trend which means that the desktops will soon be replaced by the mobile devices.

Mobile devices actually change the usual work with a computer and impose some specific features. Due to the limited size and resolution of the display it is not appropriate for the user interface of a software application to be designed in a standard way. It should not take excessive space and should be user-friendly at the same time. Because of the compact size and the need to reduce energy consumption to a minimum even processors are a special type and differ from those for desktop architecture. 



All this in a natural way has led to the creation of entirely different operating systems: (Android, iOS (for iPhone and iPad), Windows Phone, etc..). Respectively, a new approach for writing programs has been developed. Since their creation requires developers who are highly specialized in each of these operating systems, and if (and as in 90% of cases) requires a version of this app for each of the most used operating systems, it means the work will be done from scratch many times by many different developers of operating systems. This automatically will increase the price multiple times or you will be restricted to choose only one mobile operating system design.


Do we have a solution to offer?

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    We reduce the development process several times since we use technologies that allow to create a universal application for a number of operating systems. Although there are additional activities when launching the programs for each platform, these activities would be even more if being developed autonomously. This is an important advantage, which enables a greater range of potential users.

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    We use modern techniques and approaches by keeping the standards and strive to give your product a nice design and user-friendly interface.

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    We offer technical support and development of your new mobile application.
    Be up to date after its initial version is launched and stay adaptive to the market..

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