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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Promoting your website in search engines and social network marketing

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Reach people interested in your products or services.


Attractive presentation and branding so that consumers remember it.

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Social media marketing - gain website traffic and attention.

Search engines are the main gateway to connect to everything the online users are interested in. Browsers offer search engines as home page when being installed. Even the address bar of some browsers serves as a search tool. Interesting fact is that the vast majority of users do not write the familiar website address directly in the address bar but use search engines instead. Users even write the website domain in the search box of the engine instead in the address bar directly.

The search engine optimization is critical for a website to be easily found by users.

Even if you have the best idea, concept, or design on the Internet, they are useless when found by nobody. It is like having the most luxurious car to keep it hidden in the garage.

Google page rank and algorithm updates as well as the search engine optimized competitive websites constantly rearrange the positions of the search engine results. If you ignore these factors and neglect the search engine optimization your website will begin to fall down its ranking position.


On-Site optimization

On-Site optimization includes source code optimization of the website (Page Titles, Meta Tags, Image Optimization, Sitemap etc.), website structure optimization, identifying keywords for the website content, content optimization consistent with the most important factor - to be user friendly. It is not enough for your website to be found by search engine. The website needs to be useful and attractive for users so they to be willing to scroll through the pages, to become customers, and to trust the products and/or the services that are offered.


Оff-Site optimization

Off-Site optimization refers to promoting your website to other websites aiming to influence its search engine ranking. Some time ago it was sufficient to provide a large number of quality links from other websites, so called Linkbuilding. But with the ever-increasing social factor the off-page optimization is closely related to the Social Media Optimization. It is required more than just having many links leading to your website that are found by the search engines. Your website quality does not have to be determined by the number and location of these links. The point is making more users to interact with these links and with the content the links are leading to. The Search Engine Optimization works tightly with the Social Media Marketing in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. It is not just how your business is presented but also how your business interact with the customers.

The initial base optimization is not enough for your website to have high ranking in the search results.


What we do?

  • 1

    We start to build SEO strategy that will achieve better results and will validate your brand in a short time. We analyse in advance the niche and the keywords while the website is being designed.

  • 2

    The website design is conformed according to the SEO strategy built in advance, latest SEO tendencies and the best practice tips for SEO.

  • 3

    Once the website is designed we accomplish SEO analysis to identify its advantages and disadvantages, determine its current position in the search engine results for each keyword and establish following activities.

  • 4

    Part of the monthly website support is taking care to increase regularly its ranking position. We keep in touch and follow the development of your business.

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