Technical Support

Technical support for websites

Activities ensuring correct operation of the website at any time

Guarantee for the correct operation of your site

To be always online and to function properly.

Regular SEO activities

We take care of your site to be found more easily.


Your website will need to be upgraded constantly.

The work on a website does not end with its launching. Adding new content usually is responsibility of the website owner, which is easy task having the admin panel. But there are many other activities which if regularly accomplished continue the website’s smooth operation, update, and maintain its target market competitiveness.

Often people ignore the monthly required support for their website after being launched. They think that the subscription renewal for domain and hosting is enough. It may sound appealing in theory but is unworkable in practice. In attempt to cut costs opposite results are often achieved and the website become neglected.


Upgrade functionality

You probably won’t leave your website or stop being interested in it after being developed. You will found out soon that you have to adjust some elements of its outlook or to get some new functionality for example to display a list of promotional products. Then you will need a developer, a web designer, or some other kind of web professional who is new for your project and this will cost additional time and money. Moreover, no one would give a guarantee that it will respond quickly to your needs, if you don’t have a support contract.



The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a monthly activity that is critical for your website ranking, makes it easy-to-find, increases your website traffic, and targets your website visitors.



The occurrence of bugs in every single software product is inevitable moment as any technique does not work forever.
No matter what has created the problem, we will respond and fix it.


What does website support include?

To be aware of what you pay for, here's a list of some of the activities that come in the support of a website:

  • monitor the proper operation of the website
  • adding new functionalities
  • modification of functionalities
  • vision adjustments
  • remove bugs
  • response to hacker attacks
  • software update
  • search engine optimization
  • dedicated server hosting owned by the company or its partners
  • daily software and database back-up
  • assistance and consultation on technical issues on the website work, behavior, and development

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