Web design

Modern website design and diverse patterns

Website design drawing. Web design templates. PSD to HTML.

Corporate Identity

Logo design, banners, promotional email messages.

Browser compatibility

Sites and applications compatible with the latest versions of popular browsers.

Responsive design

Designing for multiple devices.

All users prefer web designs that make good first impression for a website. A website is represented by its web design (the way that а company or a service is represented by its website). Quite often the website design is the most important factor in tilting the scales in favor of a company when the user hesitates choices. It is important that the website creates an impression of quality, stability and professionalism.


Unique web design

We offer custom tailored web designs for those of you who want to have a unique vision for their website; for those who want a tailor-made web design in accordance to their taste and preferences to the latest detail.


Advantages and disadvantages:

  • you receive a unique design that is not found anywhere on the Internet
  • you receive custom tailored web design
  • you have full control over the choice of colours, layout and style of the graphical elements
  • prestige and taste
  • higher price
  • time consuming


Web templates 

  • We offer a range of thousands of web design templates made by different authors. You choose a web design template for a few minutes. So:
  • choose from over 50 000 web design templates
  • dramatically shorten the time and effort involved in the creation of the concept and the design itself
  • save money
  • only limited number of adjustments are available
  • rarely but still it is possible other website to have the same web design
  • still it takes time to review our web design catalog and choose


Mobile devices

Today your potential clients will access your website more often through their phone or tablet. These are devices with smaller screens and therefore suitable adaptation is required. Here are the options we offer in case you choose to have mobile optimization for your website:

  • 1

    We build a mobile version of your website which actually is a separate project – it replicates the same website with the most important functionalities provided by a mobile web design. The result is simplified interface and traffic optimization. This option requires less work compared to building a full version and still it may reach up to 20 – 30 percent. Most suitable for portal websites

  • 2

    Another option is designing a single version of the website witch transforms screen size and resolution in real time. This is called responsive design. Like the mobile version, some elements are omitted or visualized differently but still all the elements are loaded even though some might be invisible. This option requires more time and internet consumption. It requires less further work compared to designing a separate mobile version.
    This option is best suited for small and medium-sized websites. Currently, the trend for all the websites is to have at least responsive design.

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