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Personal and business websites. E-commerce development

Convenient control panel

Get quick and intuitive control over the information into your site using a modern administrative panel with options that best suit your business.

Upgrade and development possibility

Websites designed with the knowledge that they will evolve. Any change in functionality or design will be possible at any time.

Latest technologies

We start from the latest web development technologies and global trends.

Having a website is a serious responsibility and in case this is not your everyday occupation, it should be approached with more caution towards the quality, flexibility and foresight when choosing a developer. The price is also an important factor, but the demand for free or really cheap solutions is not the best approach if you hold on the class and stability.



The first impression of a website is its appearance. We provide virtually unlimited solutions for web design; we tailor for you web design that is unique for the world wide web; we develop your web design ideas along with the individual approach of our web designers; we offer a wide range of trustworthy templates for websites. Find more about the web design services we offer.



What "moves" a website from inside is a collection of all its program elements and logical structures. Without these seemingly elementary features a simple task such as sending a request through the contact form is impossible. They usually remain hidden to the end users who are not even aware that these features exist.

Most people accept the programming logic for granted but actually building it requires significant human resource of professionals.

Thanks to the dynamic nature of the websites we develop, their owners will be able to manage the content on the different pages and create new ones, to adjust settings or general information, and to operate their sites without the intervention of a qualified web developer. This is possible through the Content Management System (CMS), which constitutes the administrative panel of the site and that is embedded in each of our ​​products of this type. The options which the content management system offers respond to the specific needs of our customers. All modules can be modified or new ones can be added according to those needs.

Stages of website development

To get a clearer picture of the whole process of website development, we illustrate the main stages:

  • Home
  • The customers presents their idea

    The customers presents their idea

    Usually the customers describe their vision in words and in a manner comprehensible to them, with non-technical terms. They often give examples of similar solutions. Our role is to understand the particularities of their business, their priorities and their objectives. We translate our customers’ words in technical language.

  • We identify the specific parameters and offer solutions

    We identify the specific parameters and offer solutions

    We ask questions, we give ideas in accordance with the best practices, and we provide suitable ideas to the users about what they do not know how to be made.

  • We discuss the assignment
    We discuss the assignment

    Before starting the actual constructive work on the website our team discusses the assignment: our approach for this specific project - the tools that will be used and implemented; the style of the design; the database. We draw the logic diagrams and the layouts for the graphical user interface.

  • Graphic design

    Graphic design

    Our graphic designers take on the task to develop professional options for the future vision of the website.

  • Programming


    We write the code of the logic for each page and functionality. First we build the administration panel and then the front-end.

  • Error testing

    Error testing

    Programming is error-prone inevitably. We check each module for errors separately and correct them to offer a good working product at the end.

  • Website launch

    Website launch

    This process includes: installing the already existing website on your hosting account; triggering the initialization procedures; and targeting the domain.

  • Technical support
    Technical support

    We take care of the proper website operations and update after its "birth". 

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